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Tutorial how to Flashing the ROM/Install Hp Xiaomi Mi 4i with without the MiFlash
If in the last post I have shared about how Root xiaomi mi4i but for this time I will share how to Install ROM Flashing HP Mi4i is that which is useful to restore the phone in its original state in order to return to the normal state of the epoch, prepared just as you have a new phone and it's clean of data files such as contacts, images, videos and other things that certainly exists in the internal storage or memory of the phone.

How to Flashing the ROM Xiaomi Mi4i via Fastboot Easily

Well usually a lot of mobile phone users who want to do Flash ROM Xiaomi mi4i this just as there are damages on daleman software such as ROM ported wrong error when oprek Phone or forgotten backup files that are already on the uninstall file so that the software becomes an error and when at the time of Hp switched on certainly don't want to go on the menu just repeat the boot never finished and likening error Bootloop well for it to fix you can try how to re Flash Stock ROM Hp Xiaomi Mi4i this with the easy things you can do without the MiFlash as below.

Replay Flashing Material ROM Xiaomi Mi4i: 
  • Prepare one PC/Laptop
  • And also with Data cable
  • You can Download the materials below, but if you've already got Winrar you don't need to download:
  1. MiSetup/PC Suite (Buat USB Driver)
  2. ADB Marshmallow
  3. ROM Fastboot (Select "Fastboot Update" Search That Is His Mi4i Writings)
  4. And also Winrar
  5. Script Fastboot (Select one wants to wear only)

Tutorial Step Flashing ROM Xiaomi Mi41 Via FastBoot:
  • Jika sudah terdeteksi anda coba jalankan dulu fastboot_connected_check, kalau sudah terdeteksi, bisa langsung flashing, jika belum terdeteksi anda bisa close/tutup dulu dan reboot/Restart PC anda.
  • Jika sudah terdeteksi anda bisa pilih salah satu script fastboot ini, dengan sesuai:
- flash_all : Guna Flash Semua nya seperti baru, semua data akan hilang
- flash_all_except_data_storage : Fungsinya hampir sama Flash Semua nya, tapi data internal (sdcard) ga ilang
- flash_stock_recovery : Berguna Hanya flash recovery saja ke stock (original)
  • Kalo sudah jalankan salah satu script diatas, tunggu proses nya tunggu beberapa saat sekitar 20-30 menit.
  • Tunggu sampe HP anda reboot/mati sendiri, dan pada script muncul "Press any key to continue..."
  • Terakhir Lalu Tekan Enter.
  • First you can Download all the files listed above as needed.
  • Download Winrar and then install (create extract files) if it has 1.8 software you do not need to Download.
  • ExtractB and after that install.
  • After that, Extract the ROM Fastboot on your PC that is already in the download with extension tgz or tar, and will appear a folder images.
  • Next Extract the ADB Marshmallows, then copy the contents to a folder of images on rom fastboot.
  • Download the Fastboot Script Also, then copy the script that will be used to a folder of images on your rom fastboot.
  • At this stage we need to enter Fastboot mode by means of press and hold the Power and Volume Down until it appeared Mi Bunny were unpacking robot and there are writings FASTBOOT
  • Then you can Plug devices to the PC using the USB cable
  • If it is detected you are attempting to run fastboot_connected_check first, if detected, could instantly flashing, if not already detected you can close/close first and reboot/Restart your PC.
  • If it is detected you can select one of these, with fastboot script accordingly:
    • flash_all-: To Flash All its like new, all data will be lost
    • flash_all_except_data_storage: its function is almost the same as his, but All Flash internal data (sdcard) ga ilang
    • flash_stock_recovery: useful Just flash recovery to stock (original)
  • If already run one of the scripts above, his wait wait a few moments about 20-30 minutes.
  • Wait till you reboot HP/dead himself, and in script appears "Press any key to continue ..."
The Last And Then Press Enter.

All this and good luck how to Flashing the ROM reinstall Xiaomi Mi4 i so your phone can back in normal circumstances back factory settings, so hopefully the reviews how to Flashing the ROM Xiaomi Mi4i via Fastboot Easily can be useful and helpful to you in particular for users Mi4i Xiaomi.

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