The easiest way to replace Skin and themes Android Keyboard With its own Photo 

Hi..bro n sis, now will share tips on how to replace the old look of the android Keyboard Skin that looks with color display with only plain boring. In this way we need application help in putting my pictures/photos on the Keyboard: with Android App Go Keyboard PRO are indeed useful to change the look of your android keyboard.

Application to Go pro Keyboard is certainly you already know who is certain to change the look of the stock keyboard with Skin/themes available there or with our own proprietary/gambar Photographs that would later perform adorn your typing keyboard display boards in order to become more attractive and different at umunya. For the way we do it naturally without the need to Root so you will be able to more readily and immediately just to try it out. As you know, too many have useful applications to beautify the look of android to revamp his Skin become more colorful with various theme but the application Go the Keyboard this is one of the easiest to apply way in replacing images in Android Keyboard.

How to replace Keyboard Skin Hp Android with photos/Pictures on its own:

  • For those who do not yet have the applications Go Keyboard PRO you can Download an application Go the Keyboard on my link below to prepare your
  • If you have downloaded you can Install and open the application.
  • Next Select the Switch to Go on the Keyboard, select the input method on the Keyboard, if GO out the language options that you want to use then select appropriate in want for example "English" or "Indonesian language display.
    • The next step you can reopen the application Go To the Keyboard, and replace the Skin becomes the theme we want you can Download it on the Keyboard Tab, but if you want to change the Keyboard with his own image Photo you can choose Background/landscape Potrait Background and select the image on which you have set up in the galery and you set its Opacity level. 
      • Nah jika anda tidak nyaman dengan adanya fitur Sugestion yang menyebabkan typo anda  bisa mengaktifkan Fitur Suggestion keyword, langkahnya anda bisa masuk pada Input, dan nonaktifkan Fitur Display Suggestion.
        • Well if you are not comfortable with the feature Sugestion that caused the typo you can enable the feature Suggestion keyword, stride you can enter in the Input, and disable the Display Feature Suggestion.

        That application and tips in how to change the look of the Android Keyboard into it's own photo, good luck wishes for the article how to change the look of the Skin (Theme) Keyboard Android with your photos Yourself it can be useful to all of you.

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