How to change the battery Icon Mod Custom Module in Android Xposed

Hi...bro n sis, now, will share
easy tutorial in how android Modding instant i.e. changing and replacing the Icon of your android Batre initially appeared normal but with the help of this module and its Xposed you can have Icon batre that was certainly quite a lot more interesting and more diverse with a unique icon and make your Smartphone looks powerful.

How to use and installation applications Xposed on android phone is certainly has requirements and equipment namely, one of which was not spared from the process of Rooting your for it was to revamp the system as does the look certainly must have super user permissions in IE is already a status Rooted in every android phone that you guys have either version of the ICS and the android version of the Lollipop and Marshmallow though.

The purpose of this article the Change Icon Batre with Mod Xposed is certainly very useful to beautify the look of your smartphone to make it look different than in General, who want to try To change the Battery Icon on android you guys certainly can follow the articles I share here because of how it's easy and doesn't change file struggled in the Apk as Decompile and Recompile that often cause occurred or Bootloop error on Android is always repeating Booting. For the curious, you can try changing the Icon batre I've presented below.

Requirements in Edit Replace Battery Icon :

  • Android Already be ROOT
  • To create a change icon Xposed Module battery is only support on Android version 4.0 and above of course support ICS For Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow

Tutorial How To Install Mod Icon Batre HP Android Easily Without PC:

  • First if you have downloaded Xposed App next steps you guys certainly can put it on your Smartphone, as always still the same way to install Apk files.
  • Once that is done you can just open the App Xposed and came on a Framework and then select the option install/update and select reboot.

  • When it is finished and nyala as usual you can Download and Install a Custom Mod Batrai you guys want you can Download the Mod Batre under there.
  • You can reopen the application Xposednya and select Modules and then Centanf on the Icon Batre that we want to apply and select Reboot/Soft Reboots.

The collection Module Icon for the application of the latest Xposed Batre in StatusBar you can select below:

Hopefully the article how to Complete Replace Battery Icon Mod Android Easily can be useful to all of you.

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